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Wednesday, March 28
Will the West support Saakashvili?

Rezonansi reports that President Mikheil Saakashvili has criticised foreign embassies in Georgia, and compared the Washington Post to Pravda. The paper asked three public figures for their opinion.

Historian Tedo Dundua believes that the West supports democratic elections in Georgia rather than any particular political team, as they say that elections should be held in a transparent and democratic way. “I think the West will not allow a change in authority in an illegal way, that is why I think that it will support those politicians that are elected by the people,” Dundua said.

Lawyer Shalva Shavgulidze thinks that the West always supports fair elections, and that is why it is not easy to predict whether they will support Saakashvili this year.

Artist Dima Jaiani doubts that the West will support Saakashvili. “We all see that Saakashvili is running a pre-elections campaign. Saakashvili knows that he will not rig the elections, he has chosen another method. It has been eight years since he gave such a promise to the people,” he said.

Ministry of Education launches e-Catalog

An e-Catalog of the country's public schools has been developed by the Ministry of Education and Science. The catalog collects information about schools throughout Georgia and makes it publicly available, 24 Hours reports.

The e-Catalog features information on school infrastructure, level of education, learning process, available programs, number of teachers and students, school safety, among other data.

Minister of Education Dmitri Shashkin and Giorgi Gulua, Deputy Director of the Ministry’s Educational and Scientific Infrastructure Development Agency, launched the project at a presentation this week.

Any interested person can obtain detailed information about all schools in Georgia, although the website is mainly intended for parents of first graders in the process of selecting a school for their children. The new resource will also simplify the mobility process between schools. The catalog will also collect the data of those students who have successfully passed high school and the national unified entry exams.