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How should media organisations resist pressure?

Wednesday, March 28
“I think the media always faces pressure in every country, but the situation in Georgia is the heaviest. I mean it is dangerous to write the truth about government officials and remain respected because everything in our country is politicized. A journalist’s first obligation is to serve the truth and the media shouldn’t become a political tool against the people. I think if the media unites against [such] violence each journalist will ensure the safety of the media environment.”
Natia, MA Student, 26

“They should have politically independent owners. Their work and the general aim of informing people should be obvious. But first of all this is a problem of ownership.”
Sophio, Journalist, 24

“They should definitely have the support of civil society, otherwise they will be constantly under pressure”.
Giorgi, Program Coordinator, 29

“As for independent media, I think public support is significant. However, the pro-government media is differently pressured, which can be prevented only if they are not owned by government representatives.”
Lika, Economist, 32

“The truth is the greatest weapon anyone can have. No pressure will defeat it.”
Rumwold, Copy Editor, 50

“The current authorities are rushing the country into darkness. Maybe international pressure and public activeness might help, as Mikheil Saakashvili does not fear anyone but Georgians.”
Zviad, employed, 31

“I do not really know.”
Bachana, Student, 21

“I think every media outlet has its editorial policy which makes them unique but whenever they try to please someone they become the victims of political manipulation. We have clear examples of how the national TV broadcasters have become satellites of the government – and it is irritating to people. So I think if media owners would stay away from politics and serve the interests of people both the government and their opponents would feel more responsible and refrain from censoring the media.”
Irakli, Economist, 48