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Holiday Inn Tbilisi launches local magazine

By Salome Modebadze
Monday, April 2
The Holiday Inn Tbilisi has recently launched a corporate magazine to provide its guests with up-to-date news about the brand, and about Georgia.

As editor of the magazine Natalie Mchedlishvili told The Messenger, the idea to start a magazine was born soon after the hotel was opened a year ago. As she said, it is common practice for the world’s largest hotels to have their own corporate magazine.

“We decided to gather interesting materials for readers on the first anniversary of the hotel and give it to our guests in a well-organized way,” Mchedlishvili said, explaining that Holiday Inn Tbilisi will be available in every room, as well as the lobby, restaurant, and bar.

“It is not sold and you can’t find it anywhere outside the hotel, although we will send them to our corporate clients and friends,” she explained.

Research carried out in the hotel has shown that the majority of its guests, especially those who stay in executive or business-class rooms, read magazines to get more information about the country they are visiting.

According to Mchedlishvili, Holiday Inn Tbilisi opens the door to the hotel's internal life. “Although people who visit our hotel don’t feel they are in a huge space, Holiday Inn is still the largest hotel in country with 252 suites,” she said, but noted that people feel cosy and comfortable there.

The Georgian-English magazine will be published once every three months, giving readers a glimpse at life within the hotel through interviews with employees, articles about special guests, photos, and information about events connected to Holiday Inn.