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How should a political party act to gain your vote?

Wednesday, April 18
“First of all, I should like the leader of the political party, because the leader and his/her personality determined the party’s success. Then of course I am interested in their action plan and their offers to potential voters.”
Misha, Accountant, 31

“I am not interested in politics and I have never [voted], however I wish my country has a democratic leadership and defend their land as well as people.”
Revaz, MA Student, 21

“It should have a good and realistic election platform.”
Nino, Translator, 25

“I must know how the political party sees Georgia’s future. What they are going to do with our unemployment problems, healthcare issues, and lost territories of course. The members of the party should [inspire] trust in people.”
Manana, housewife, 57

“It should act very sincerely, honestly and professionally.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“It is hard to say because every party tries to persuade people to give their vote to the party, therefore they promise unimaginable things – but I have experienced already that those promises remain as promises. Where are our lost territories? Where is affordable healthcare? Where are pensions of $100 USD? Where are low prices on food, electricity, or other communal payments? I do not give my vote to anyone!”
Lali, Waitress, 28

“A party should have a well-developed strategy and action plan not a week before the elections but 24/7 during the entire year and each member of this party should be equally accountable to the public. Unfortunately, I can’t see any such responsible party. Although the active political campaign [from] our ruling party is mostly PR rather than real politics.”
Mzia, Painter, 45

“I do not believe in parties, I believe in individuals, but to gain my vote more or less they should be near to Mahatma Gandhi's politics, his political ideas.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 29