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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, April 19
Bera Ivanishvili: "I am good or bad, I'm always true"

In an interview with Kvela Siakhle Bera Ivanishvili, son of Georgian billionaire-turned-politician Bidzina Ivanishvili, spoke about his music career and his impressions of his father.

"As you know, my album has not come out yet. I want to collect a lot of music and then choose the best pieces of them. You have to have 70-80 songs, most of whom are [discarded] and 12 will be on the album, he said.

"Last year we held a casting call and we selected 18 talented children. The Georgian nation stands out musically, from here 9-10 people are singing. Our wealth is Georgian folk songs and such a cultural heritage does not have a right to be in shadow at this point," he remarked.

Bera noted that his project is not a commercial one. "I will be precise, this is not a commercial project. The Georgian Dream studio is working with young singers without receiving a salary. We will help these children in Georgia and then go out in the American market".

I always read comments on social networks. I know some people say that the raps I do are political. If we look through the history of music, it has always been important and served in the era in which it was created. There is not a taboo issue for me, I accept competent criticism and I am trying to have that kind of people next to me those who fairly assess my new work. Father taught me that the key to success is your chosen team, he added.

I will refrain from political assessments. People feel and see everything; I have always had a special relationship with my father since childhood. He has never restricted anything, we make every decision together. I remember last year, on the 1 November he had his first press conference, that day I bring my new song at home and father did not keep me until he finished listening it. The song was not bad; but such a great appreciation from my father is [the best] appreciation. Father is doing something so huge, it is nothing compared to my song," Bera stated.

Men's jewelry on the rise, but earrings still unpopular

Rezonansi reports that in Georgia men's jewelry is becoming more popular, particularly bracelets, watches, necklaces. There are cross-cultural influences to this trend, particularly for men who wear wedding rings.

However, earrings are still the subject of dispute and the majority of men find them annoying.

Piercings, chain bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are especially popular with teenagers. However, jewelry retailers say young people represent a small number of consumers and so their trends are not yet visible in the wider public.