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Do you shop online? Why?

Thursday, April 19
“I do not, as through the internet I can not choose clothes suitable for me.”
Irakli, Student, 20

“Not very frequently for me, however, for my relatives, children, we very frequently use internet shopping. I think that the quality of the products are higher. At the same time you can order simply and without leaving home.”
Mariam, Student, 16

“Internet shopping is more comfortable and at the same time I can buy things of high quality.”
Rezo, Bank employee, 21

“I do not. Why don't I? Maybe I have no time for it, or I have not established it [as a habit].”
Mzia, Philologist, 49

“I do not. Once I ordered something through the internet, but I did not like it. After that I did not try internet shopping.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I seldom use it, as the quality cannot be shown on the desktop."
Nino, Teacher, 23

“Yes, I buy many things on Amazon, and its is extremely cheap and convenient. I save about 70% purchasing on the internet.”
Sandro, Student, 20

“I am a tennis player, and the equipment is very costly here, so I buy balls and other stuff on the internet. It is relatively cheap."
Nino, Tennis player, 18

“I purchase almost everything on the internet. Indeed, sometimes when it comes to clothes, it does not really fit, but in most cases I find it more pragmatic to pay less on the internet."
Sophie, Sales manager, 28