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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, May 31
Sarishvili: Ivanishvili has never told a lie

“Today, out of all politicians, [Bidzina] Ivanishvili is not lying. Let's tell the truth - this man says exactly what he is going to do. From the date of his arrival in politics he did not lie a word. He behaves pretty tough. If you ask me, he does not avoid any questions, if he does not want to answer he does not," Irina Sarishvili declared in an interview with Versia.

"The United National Movement's... plan is simple: they are going to take 65% of the vote in this election. Sixty-five percent because the National Movement should have more than 50% of the vote. It is clearly seen that they want many people to join Parliament. The National Movement has an interest to see as many political parties in next Parliament as possible, even 1-2 persons per party. It will be full of pluralism, which is not seen in recent years. [Because of] this, came all the [constitutional] changes. Serious chances are appearing for the New Rights, as well as the Christian-Democrats,” she said.

Why was Miminoshvili really dismissed?

The recent dismissal of Maia Miminoshvili, the director of the NAEC, has prompted speculation about the true motivation. The Ministry of Education and Science cited policy disagreements, but Miminoshvili herself believes she is being punished because both her son and brother have connections to the Georgian Dream opposition coalition.

Rezonansi asked two public figures which story they believe.

Marina Janashia, actress: "I think both versions are worth considering. Maia Miminoshvili is a professional and I do not exclude that she had different opinions and I am sure that she would oppose all initiatives which might have been a threat to the education system. Also, I do not exclude that she has been dismissed due to her family members' opposition opinions."

Shalva Shavgulidze, lawyer: "If she has been dismissed because her son was at the opposition rally, this is really unacceptable. It points out that the authorities have a hysterical fear of the opposition. If there was such an acute confrontation between the Minister and the NAEC Director, the public would have been known about it before."