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Do public institutions have adequately educated leadership?

Thursday, May 31
“It depends on the institution. Some of them have aptly educated, good professionals in [their] leadership. Some, however, are educated in a different field and therefore cannot manage well.”
Nino, Journalist, 28

“I do not think so. Just consider the leadership of Georgian ministries and state agencies; only a few are really adequately educated. Probation and Legal Assistance Minister, Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, for instance has nothing to do with probationers, prisons, etc… as she is educated in an absolutely different field than human rights, law, or something relevant."
Giorgi, Producer, 32

“I would point out only a few really good professionals in leadership. The rest are just appointed for different professional merits."
Meriko, Finance officer, 26

“I think that state institutions do not have qualified specialists in the field the institution is oriented towards.”
Mariam, Employed, 34

“I do not think they have someone really smart.”
Eduard, Employed, 39

“No, no, and no.”
Teona, Language specialist,24

“I think most of them are very well-educated and competent people. Of course, flaws exist and this is natural, even professional doctors have mistakes and no one is [perfect]. A lot of reforms have been carried out in education, health, economic fields and we should appreciate the people who did it; if the reform is successful it means a professional staff did it.”
Gigi, Student, 20

“What can I say, nothing [I am] happy with.”
Ekaterine, Teacher, 25

“Well, I cannot say that in all public institutions there are no professionals, of course there are, but in the vast majority there is a boom of stupid people... including banks, hotels, hospitals and government institutions, etc.”
Nana, Economist, 51