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How would you assess Hilary Clinton’s visit to Georgia? Have you heard anything valuable or did you get any additional information from her meetings?

Wednesday, June 6
“For me, [her] statement regarding the facilitation of [moving] residents of the occupied regions to the United States was new. How positive is it and what mechanism will be used... is not still known. I suppose the neutral passports might be used in this case. As for the rest, there was nothing new for me. The US still appeals for democratic elections and when it is falsified they will [nonetheless] state that the elections were a step forward.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“The fact that Secretary Clinton has visited our country for a second time is welcoming. I see that she had quite a busy schedule and interesting meetings. I am glad that, along with Georgian officials, Mrs. Clinton held a meeting with opposition representatives and NGO representatives. I am sure they [informed] her of all the problems [that] exist in Georgia currently.”
Beka, Student, 21

“I have not heard what she said, unfortunately, thus I have no concrete information regarding her visit.”
Rezo, Student, 22

“I have no information concerning the purpose of her visit, however, I think that more general statements will be made rather than specific ones.”
Sophio, Civil servant, 24

“As usual, she held meetings with officials, other politicians, but I have heard nothing new from it because in official statements there is said everything that is already known to the public. Most interesting are their private talks, which is not for the public.”
Mariam, Sales manager, 32

“I think when our administration couldn’t understand the advice of US Ambassador to Georgia John Bass, they sent Clinton to remind our government to hold fair elections this fall.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 27

“Unfortunately, I have not heard anything new from Hilary Clinton. Lots of foreign officials visit Georgia almost every month without any effect on ordinary people. They just increase the self-confidence of our government, that’s all. I think the international communuity doesn’t think about the people, they have their own values – in Georgia’s case, it can be its strategic geopolitics.”
Anna, Researcher, 39

“Hilary Clinton is a very serious representative of the US. If I remember correctly, she spoke a lot about the fairness and transparency of upcoming elections in Georgia but I suspect we will still have falsified elections anyway.”
Koka, Writer, 41