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Which Georgian TV channel do you watch most frequently and why?

Monday, June 11
“I watch Sakartvelo very often. The reason is quite simple - there are interesting films on very frequently.”
Guka, Student, 18

“When I want to get real information on [political] issues, what is going on in the country, I watch Maestro TV. If I want relax I watch either Rustavi 2 or Imedi TV.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“To tell you the truth, I very rarely watch Georgian TV channels.”
Ninuki, Student, 20

“Currently, I watch Imedi for one reason: there is a comedy competition on. In general, I prefer to watch Akhali Arkhi to relax and rest from political or depressing information.”
Mano, Employed, 28

“I watch the Ninth Channel and Maestro TV, as I want to get real information about the goveernment and those channels enable me to get it.”
Giorgi, Student, 19

“I don't often watch Georgian TV channels. If I want some news I watch the Public Broadcaster.”
Maia, Nurse, 45

“I do not watch TV in general, but when I do, I usually watch foreign channels. As for Georgian [channels], I watch Maestro TV for instance, which is a very unbiased channel."
Sophie, Manager, 32

“I watch PIK TV, because of movies in Russian.”
Nina, IT specialist, 26

“I have no TV at home so I get information from online media.”
Iako, MA Student, 22