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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, June 12
Ivanishvili announces desire to purchase Telasi

In an interview with Asaval Dasavali, Georgian Dream coalition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili has stated that he wants to buy Telasi, the company that provides Tbilisi with electricity.

“Telasi is not sold... I’m saying directly that I really want to buy it,” Ivanishvili said.

He claims that electricity and gas prices will drop if he is elected, whether or not he buys Telasi.

"Today people are panicked, seeing their bills. When we come into power, people will not be afraid of receiving a bill, as they will have jobs, income, and will be able to pay taxes,” Ivanishvili said.

Sturua expands on inflammatory comments

In an interview with Asaval Dasavali, the former art director of the Rustaveli Theatre Robert Sturua expanded on comments that got him dismissed from the Ministry of Culture.

“There are only three countries in the world that remain a dictatorship: North Korea, Belarus, and Georgia," he claimed.

"Saakashvili is not a tyrant, this is a very exaggerated title for him. He is not a strong person, therefore he is not a tyrant. He is a person with mental problems. In 2004, I [was] at one of the meetings where the President and Ministers were in attendance and I saw then how Saakashvili acted towards them. He offended them and he was not giving them the opportunity to express their opinions. I realized that our country was in a very bad situation," Sturua declared.

He went onto say that Russian President Vladimir Putin is stronger than Saakashvili, although Saakashvili’s form of governance is very similar to Putin’s. “If they [Saakashvili’s government] need to, they are ready to conduct civil war in this country,” he added.

Seventy percent of petrol-engine cars switched to natural gas

Rezonansi reports that approximately 70% of petrol-engine cars in Georgia have been switched to natural gas because of high petrol prices. In the future, this conversion will be possible with diesel engines as well, a process that has already been approved in Europe.