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Georgian Dream has nominated five candidates in Imereti: Gubaz Sanikidze (Kutaisi), Eliso Chapidze (Tkibuli), Archil Kbilashvili (Baghdati), Kakha Kaladze (Samtredia), and Gogi Kavtaradze (Zestaponi). Are these people you would like to see in the next Parliament?

Tuesday, June 12
“I trust Bidzina Ivanishvili and it is enough for me to trust people standing next to him. I know people often talk about their suspicious past but I don’t listen to such tings – I can see how Ivanishvili is motivated to save his country and his people from Saakashvili’s disastrous policy. Otherwise he would just leave the country with his family and move to any civilized European country and leave us under tyranny.”
Manana, Teacher, 46

“I respect the people named by Ivanishvili but I’m scared because of so many fines against Georgian Dream. Saakashvili’s government is doing its best to oppress their main opponent but I trust these people and I’m sure that if they will come to power with the majority of votes Georgia will become a better place for everyone.”
Niko, Director, 39

“I have a great desire to see them in Parliament. I believe that they would [take] the responsibility properly.”
Lasha, Bank employee, 21

“Currently, I cannot make an adequate response, however it is not good that great numbers of them have no experience in politics.”
Revaz, Musician, 32

“Let's say that Kbilashvili is a lawyer and if he appears in Parliament its logical, but what do Kaladze [or] Kavtaradze want in the lawmakers' institution? They [cannot comprehend] what Parliament is and how it works. People, do you really think that Kaladze is educated enough to decide what kind of law should be in force? He has not done anything except rolling a football and as for Kavtaradze, he is an actor and it would be better if Bidzina would finance a movie shoot for him! Non- professionals should [not be in] such institutions.”
Nino, Doctor, 28

“I do not know what to say, I have no response.”
Ninuki, Student, 20

“I do not know who will be the National Movement candidates for the elections, however I do not have a very positive attitude towards them. I will not be surprised if Sanikidze wins in Kutaisi and Ivanishvili’s wife in Sachkhere.”
Davit, Editor, 48

“Actually, I have nothing against those people because they are professionals and why should not they be in Parliament? At least they are motivated and honest people and they do not want to put people's money in their pockets. I would see them all in Parliament with pleasure.”
Marina, Housewife, 39