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Do you think pension age should be decreased in Georgia?

Monday, June 18
“I think it’s very unfair to ignore the interests of people aged between the ages of 40-60. This is the most decisive age group which can’t either find jobs, or have pensions. Our government promises to create jobs for such people but they still employ the youth even at building sites – that’s unfair!”
Mamuka, Taxi Driver, 42

“I don't know. I think it is quite normal now – people can work till 60-65 if they have stable jobs.”
Anna, Journalist, 24

”Yes I really think that pension age should go down and they should increase the sum of the pension itself, I think it will be the right decision."
Nino, Teacher, 24

"I do not think that the pension age should be changed in the state. Those ages which are set as the pension ones are absolutely acceptable for me."
Mano, Journalist, 27

“It should be definitely decreased because otherwise a great portion of the Georgian population may face real poverty. There are no jobs, no financial funds to support the people before they reach pension age. Our state recruits only the youth and what should be done with us, people who have our profession, who still have energy to do something to support our families, but who lack state encouragement…”
Inga, Housewife, 53

"I do not accept its changing, as I think that people are capable to work till age 60-65, thus I do not think the limit should be decreased."
Nino, Employed, 25

“I think pension age should decrease by a couple of years on one hand, and become equal for both men and women, as it is not fair for men to start getting their pensions five-years later, meanwhile the average life expectancy is significantly shorter then women.
Albert, Former pilot, 58

“Definitely it should be decreased as most people are significantly sacrificing their health working after 60, especially for men who work physically…"
Khatuna, Housewife, 53