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Do you think Georgia's chances of re-integrating the breakaway territories will increase with a new government?

Tuesday, June 26
“Yes, I think with the new government Georgia will definitely have more opportunities to restore confidence with breakaway regions’ residents. At least new people and new forces involved are always interesting.
Beka, media analyst, 34

“I am skeptical on the reintegration of Abkhazia, as Moscow is more ready to concede Kuril islands to Japan than to concede the South Caucasus, especially Abkhazia. In addition, I do not believe that any force in the international community, as well as Georgia’s neighbors would like to see a strong and united Georgia.”
Sophia, MA student, 24

“I think sooner or later the Abkhazians will agree on a Scottish autonomy model. Georgian leadership should just be ready for this … to make such an offer at the right time.
Petre, economist, 25

"Well, I think that the situation might be changed, I can't say how serious the change will be, but I am waiting for some differences compared to the current situation concerning de-facto regions."
Sophio, Translator, 24

"I think that the situation will be definitely changed in the frame of a new government. The current Georgian authorities and de-facto regimes' representatives have a hostile attitude. At least such an attitude would not exist between a new Georgian government and the puppet regimes' leaders which will make for a better environment for negotiations."
Anna, Journalist, 35

"I believe that the new state authorities might change the reality concerning breakaway regions.
Irakli, Editor in Chief, 27

“I don’t want to be too rude but I don’t thing Georgia will manage to reintegrate the breakaway territories under any government. I think those people living in Abkhazia and South Ossetia have learned how to live a new life and it will be hard for them to face the possible changes. While I fully understand what the IDPs feel about their homes, war is a difficult thing and they have to soldier on.”
Nina, Sociologist, 46

“I am sure one day we will return Abkhazia and South Ossetia with peace, because the Russian government is already showing their real face just as our government does, so that the peace with Abkhazia and South Ossetia can be restored under the new government which doesn’t hate Russia so openly.”
Ramaz, Football Player, 27