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Azeri defense potential increases

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, June 28
Azeri President, Ilham Aliev, announced on June 25 that the Azeri army has joined some of the strongest armies in the world. Budgetary expenses of the country in this respect are also among the leaders. It is because of the fact that Azerbaijan is in a state of war with Armenia, despite that there is an existing ceasefire agreement which remains unsigned by the sides. For the last several years, Azeri military expenses have increased 20 times and have reached $3.6 billion annually. This is much higher than Armenia’s expenditure. Azerbaijan buys arms from different countries including Israel and Russia but aside from that, there are 20 enterprises producing military products in Azerbaijan itself. Aliev suggested that Azerbaijan is ten times stronger than Armenia. Azerbaijan's Armed Forces consist of more than 125, 000 personnel.