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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Thursday, June 28
Saakashvili’s plan: an airport every 50 km

Rezonansi writes that president wants to build new airports in Georgia. After road and bridge infrastructure, the president’s new mania is flying and opening new airports. According to Saakashvili, a new airport will be built in Guria, in the village of Meria in the Ozurgeti municipality. The mountainous region of Adjara will have a new airport as well.

The new initiative was introduced to Guria governor and local government representatives by President Saakashvili where he said that a lot of airports should be built in Georgia, as it will help the country to use its strategic location in the region and improve transit function as well.

Children should learn swimming before age 4

Recently, a number of tragic drowning has occurred. Swimming trainers claim the reason mostly because people do not know how to swim. Most doctors say that parents should teach swimming to their children before the age of 4. However, no consensus has been achieved over the issue, and some feel that swimming safety and increased supervision is more important.

“The number of children willing to learn how to swim is very high. Many parents want their children to know how to swim starting in childhood. We have 3-4 years children and elder ones as well,” Laguna Vere swimming pool trainer, Ana Berdzenishvili told Rezonansi.

Number of people dependent on social welfare might decrease because of Global TV antennas

The number of people registered as dependent on social welfare might decrease due to the dismantling of Global TV antennas, Rezonansi writes.

According to the initiative, by Minister of Health, Zurab Tchiaberashvili, a computer, a vacuum cleaner, home theater systems and toasters will no longer be considered luxury goods.

However, the satellite dish antenna is the main obstacle to finding oneself in the database of people living on social welfare. It does not matter whether the item was purchased by the family or as a present from someone else.

The 2011 database for the Social Service Agency informs that there were 1,697,756 people registered and this year the figure decreased to 1,637,367.