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Should Ivanishvili and the coalition parties pay the fines imposed on them?"

Thursday, June 28
"If it is not abusively boosted and an unimaginable sum, one would think on paying it. Thus, I do not think it is payable."
Teo, Language Specialist, 24

"Unfortunately I do not know the case, why he was fined and so on. So I cannot state whether the fine is legal and just or not."
Rezo, Manager, 22

"I think that they should pay the fine, as Ivanishvili’s lawyers did not work as they should and made some mistakes. If they want more valuable property to be sequestered it is their business."
Nino, Journalist, 25

"First of all, it is important to find out how fair those fines are and then it would be easier to judge. The government claims the fines are legal, while the Georgian Dream says the opposite... so I suggest that the international community would become interested in this topic."
Tornike, PR Manager, 29

"Ivanishvili should not pay the fine, as illegal actions are ongoing against him. The consumers of the bank are also affected in this case, as they will not be able to use their own money."
Tato, Student, 22

"They should bring the case to Strasbourg– if they cannot not manage to win the case here, then they should pay."
Zakaria, Sociologist, 22

"No, they should definitely not pay [the fine] because all these fines are illegal!"
Mariam, Journalist, 26

"If Ivanishvili is "bribing" the voters, what can the ruling party say? Aren’t they bribing people with all the "financial assistance" and parties from week to week on our money? I think we, the people, are very big coward to start talking loudly about our problems – while we do really have serious internal pressure from our government. I hope Ivanishvili’s team manages to prove their truth and restore the property."
Nikoloz, Scientist, 31