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Does elite corruption exist in Georgia?

Tuesday, July 10
“Elite corruption has always existed, still exists and will exist in future as well. I think so, it is my personal approach.
Shota, Student, 20

“I believe that elite corruption exists in the state. However, it is less visible for ordinary citizens. The officials always do it secretly, with different manners, when ordinary citizens in such cases are strictly punished.
Nana, Student, 21

“To say tell you truth, even the term is unfamiliar for them. I do not know what to say, as I have no information concerning the issue.”
Mariam, Entrant, 18

“I think corruption will always remain a problem in the country like Georgia– a country that already lacks democratic values. Unfortunately, I think we need a lot of legislative changes in the country but corruption expresses the moral state of a person.”
Nia, Student, 21

“Corruption is evident at every state institution. As a young person, I have tried to apply to various positions in the ministries with my qualification, but no one has ever called me. What can I call it if not corruption when I see absolutely ignorant “elite” people at leading positions?”
Irakli, Architect, 29

“It is hard for me to distinguish elite corruption from ordinary corruption because the whole country which is not only ruled but represented by the one single party with similar minded people keeping their posts by corrupting one another.”
Eka, Housewife, 36

“Elite corruption may be in our country but it is not so apparent in Georgia nowadays.”
Vika, Designer, 40