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Wednesday, July 11
Why are prisoner deaths increasing in Georgia?

Rezonansi writes that recent report by the ombudsman of Georgia confirms that the number of deaths among prisoners has increased in Georgian jails. 91 prisoners died in 2009. In 2010 the number reached 142 and in 2011, 140 prisoners died in jails across the country.

As for 2012 data, the information on prisoners’ deaths is being released frequently. So why are the deaths of prisoners becoming so frequent?

“I do not know why the number of dead in prisons has increased recently. I have no information or statistics, but if the number really has increased it means that the system needs changes,” said historian Gia Anchabadze.

“Prisoners are treated very poorly. In most cases the reason for their deaths is illness. When they are ill they need to be treated adequately at hospitals. However, they are not provided this service. In several cases, beating can be seen in the jails. It is noteworthy that no investigation is underway concerning these incidents and none of the guilty parties have been punished. This encourages prison staff to continue this sort of treatment.

Gori municipality rejects Georgian Dream rally request

Rezonansi writes that the Gori municipality has rejected a request by the Georgian Dream coalition to hold a pre-election rally in the center of Gori. According to their explanation the center of the town is a crossroad and it will cause a severe traffic jams. The Gori municipality has recommended that the opposition move their rally to a suburban section of the city. The opposition has agreed to this and the rally will be staged on July 15.