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How effective is the government’s effort in providing relief against the disaster?

Monday, July 23
“One I can definitely say that the current Georgian Government is undertakings complete PR stunt concerning the results of the disaster. It is shameful and an expression of weakness to my mind.”
Irakli, Editor, 27

“Well, I think that the word used by you in the question is not correct… it can not be used the word “effective” concerning the actions being carried out by the government in Georgian regions, after the hailstorm.”
Khatia, Musician, 29

“I think the PR is better than real actions. I think that GEL 1,500 assistance offered to the effected families is laughing on them and nothing more. All the time the government speaks about Kakheti, when there are some other regions as well requiring assistance. It is good that the government repairs roofs; I hope that they really do it and it is not just PR stunts and TV cameras. I am fed up with permanent 3-4 TV topics definite pro-governmental channels with slogans ‘thanks to the government and the president’ if there is not election period even the PR would be less.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I think that the government does not act at all. The authorities just speak as if something genuine is being done.”
Giorgi, producer, 27

“I may seem very rude but I think that the government is brilliantly “using” every disaster to “please” affected people. Our president and his team think they can deceive Georgians but we are not blind! Naturally the state should take responsibility for people and cover their post-storm damage but not use the rainstorm as part of their pre-election campaign.”
Gizo, Sociologist, 34

“The Georgian regions went through terrible stress on Thursday when the storm destroyed not only their houses but hope in their future. The Georgian government should definitely take responsibility for the families affected by the rainstorm. It is yet early to judge how effective the state assistance has been, but I wish all the families will manage to overcome the stress.”
Tea, Designer, 37

“Depends on the financial resources remained under the presidential order which should be used in such emergency situations, but they are wasted on entertainment and organization of various concerts instead. God bless Ivanishvili, at least he will help them.
“Nia, artist, 27