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Tuesday, July 24
Ilia the Second – Georgia’s Population has become Politicized

Georgia’s Catholicos Patriarch Ilia II, said at the Sunday service that the Georgian population has become politicized and politics have changed people. He called this fact unacceptable.

Ilia II said that each person has to bear in mind that there are values – God, homeland, human being, language, belief. “Each of us should defend and serve these values. We live in a difficult time today, when a man is not a friend of his fellow man but an enemy, but in fact he is a brother. Old Romans said that “Man is a Wolf to Man”, it is unacceptable to believe this saying, and we are brothers. Today humans are significantly changed compared to what existed 100-200 years ago. They have changed in character, viewpoints and judgment. The main thing is that everything has changed in the soul, and no matter the sin, humans are back to God finally”, Patriarch declared.

Georgian man killed in Russia

A 19 year-old boy of Georgian origin was brutally killed in the Russian city of Kislovodsk three-days ago. Russian media reports that the murder occurred outside one of the cafes in the city. Reportedly, three guys, a Georgian, an Armenian and one of Pakistani origin, were talking outside the cafe, when a group of Cossacks assaulted them. The Cossacks dressed as military servicemen, shot the Armenian man with a gun and cut the throat of the Georgian boy with a knife. Both of them died at the scene of the crime, while the third man was hospitalized with multiple stabbing wounds to his stomach. According to the investigation, the incident was the outcome of a conflict among the guys and the Cossacks. However, political experts said it was a provocative accident and it aims to wake ethnic conflicts in Russia. Russian police have arrested several people involved in the incident.
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New regulations for airlines

New regulations have been imposed for airline companies, according to which passengers, who fail to get on a flight that has been paid for, should be given compensation. The regulations include not only financial redress of damage, but providing all necessary services to passengers, including covering hotel costs.

The compensation will be paid to those passengers that are refused boarding of their flight for any reason not dependent on them or if the flight delay exceeds two-hours or is cancelled.

The amount of the compensation will depend on the distance of the flight. The damage will be redressed in the case where the customer’s baggage is lost. The new regulations also determine measures for redressing damage to the disabled.
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Rules for journalists changes in the governmental chancellery

The rules for journalists have changed in the governmental chancellery. Journalists may not be able to record comments of the ministers now. Journalists were told at the press service that a discussion is under way and a decision will be known soon. A press room was allocated for journalists on the first floor of the chancellery, where they will wait for the end of the governmental session. Journalists were on the 12th floor of the chancellery from the start of the session until the end where the session was held. After the session, journalists could interview the Ministers.

Results of general skill tests published

Results of the tests in general skills conducted by the National Assessment and Examination Center has been published on the NAEC`s website. The entrants who have passed the tests can obtain information about their test results on the website or via sms. The entrants had to answer at least 21 of 80 questions correctly in order to meet the minimum competence threshold. According to NAEC, 92% of the exam-takers have met the threshold this year.
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Man throws himself under a train and dies in metro station

A man threw himself under a train and died on Saturday in the Samgori metro station. The man who committed suicide was 50-year old Pridon Janjghava. Passengers witnessed the suicide. The metro functioned with restriction for several hours. Georgian television has informed the public that relatives say that Sopo Bukia who introduced herself as a member of the Free Georgia Party, went to Pridon Janjghava’s sister and asked them to mortgage their house, she then misappropriated the money and disappeared. His relatives link the suicide with this fact.