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Compiled by Tato Gachcehiladze
Tuesday, July 24
A challenge for new Minister of Interior: investigate studio robbery

On July 21, the Monitor office was robbed, Rezonansi reports. The Monitor is an investigative firm which works on various issues in the country and investigates some unknown materials for society. Its journalists investigate corruption facts by state officials; pressure on businesses, human rights violations and other illegal actions. The Monitor’s founder Nino Zuriashvili links this accident to their activities. According to Giorgi Mgeladze, along with office equipment and computers, various documents were also stolen.

The Monitor office moved to a new apartment two weeks ago. According to Monitor staff, the last employee left the studio office at 9 pm on 21 July. Nino Zuriashvili arrived at the office in the morning and saw that someone had broken in during the night.

Media analyst Ia Antadze also links this case to the studio’s activities and expresses her hope that the newly appointed Minister of Interior, Bacho Akhalaia, will personally get involved in this investigation. Antadze has no doubt that this is attack on journalists’ activities, as this is the only studio which works on investigative issues.

“The president states that Georgia is the safest country in Europe, it should be their [ministry’s] priority to investigate this violence as soon as possible,” Antadze says.

Natural disaster may influence market prices

Rezonansi writes that the price on agriculture products has increased. The result of the sudden price change is due to the natural disaster which damaged several regions and tens of villages in the country. According to the analyst, the price increase will continue into the future. Reportedly, price on fruit has increased by 20-30 tetris and the price on vegetables by 10-20 tetris.