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Do you think natural disaster will have an effect on market prices?

Tuesday, July 24
“I think it will definitely influence the prices on fruits and vegetables. I am not sure whether we will have any locally produced agricultural products this year so it means that amount of imported goods will increase. This is the issue which I, as a Georgian fully discouraged in previous years when Georgian farmers were paid a few tetris for their naturally safe fruits and vegetables when the imported things cost so much at our markets. Last weeks’ terrible rainstorm will definitely embroil the whole business.”
Ilia, Biologist, 38

“Supposedly yes, since the Kakheti region is a huge contributor to Georgia’s agricultural market. Price for fruits and vegetables will increase … probably significantly.”
Nina, sociologist, 28

“The price on wine, as well as other products will definitely increase as a result of this disaster. Indeed it will also impact prices on fruits and vegetable but not as significantly as the price on final goods.
Nodari, enterprener, 38

“It is very much feasible to expect increased prices on agricultural products. The harvest of an entire region has been devastated. Maybe import to some extend will replace the existing deficit, but higher prices are expected.
Giorgi, economist, 27

“The natural disaster will definitely have a negative influence on the market prices. There will be a lack of fruit and grapes. It is possible that fruit and grapes will be imported, especially from either Turkey or Greece.”
Anna, Employed, 35

“The loss was so significant that it is practically impossible the current market prices to be retained. Thus, I am waiting for growth.”
Natia, Facilitator, 33

“I am sure that the disaster will have an affect on the market price, as mainly products come from the affected regions.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 22

“It has already influenced market prices. I bought a kg peaches yesterday and had to pay 2. 50 GEL…”
Irakli, Editor in Chief, 27