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Tuesday, July 31
Patriarch Preached About Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

The Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II, spoke about the upcoming parliamentary elections on Sunday. The Patriarch asked all the parties not to humiliate each other during their disputes. “We live in a time when humans can do kindness and also a lot of evil things. A person who has power can make a lot of kind things and a lot of evil, that’s why we ask God to make everyone do good deeds,” Ilia pleaded. The Patriarch stated that humans can’t fully perceive the spiritual and physical meaning of existence, though this may not be necessary. Everyone should know that God’s will is unreachable. The life of each of us is a test. Especially now; we live in a time when every day is a test,” he added.

House of Georgia opens in London

Until the completion of the 2012 Olympic Games, people in London will be able to learn more about Georgia, its culture, history and traditions, by visiting the House of Georgia, which was opened recently in the British capital. The Georgian folk band Shvidkatsa performed several folk compositions at the opening ceremony; a children’s choreographic ensemble danced for the visitors, who were also provided an opportunity to taste Georgian wine and view an art exhibition that featured the work of 19-20th century Georgian artist, Niko Pirosmani. The House of Georgia is situated in one of the most prestigious districts of the city and it will host visitors for the duration of the Olympic Games.
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Term for paying off Georgian sailors’ wages extended for one day

The term for paying off Georgian sailors’ wages has been extended for one day, one of the sailors told InterpressNews in a telephone conversation. According to him, they were told by representatives of Georgia’s consulate in Turkey, that they would get their promised salaries in one day. The sailor also said they were supplied with food. The owner of the ship has to pay about 170,000 to 10 Georgian and Azeri sailors. Georgian sailors Zviad Brunjadze, Jemal Mgeladze, Temur Gograchadze, Vepkhia Tsintsadze, Ramin Gorgoshadze, Mamuka Kochaladze went to work in Turkey eight-months ago. They started to work on board the Grand Island ship.

The sailors have been neglected by the ship owner’s company for three-months. The sailors have problems with drinking water and food. They addressed international organizations, though were denied help, as there is no cargo on board. The Georgian sailors demand 5 month’s salary to be able to return to Georgia. They only received two month’s salary. Four Azerbaijani sailors are also on board the ship.

NDP sends letter of protest to the Russian government

The National Democratic Party of Georgia has sent a letter of protest to the government of Russia via the Swiss Embassy, which is the mediator between Georgia and Russia after the two countries cut ties. Guram Chakhvadze told reporters yesterday that they were objecting to the cyber-attack on the party`s official website from the IP address registered in Russia. The website of the party was hacked on June 26 and since then, the cyber-attackers have stolen information from the party`s computer system. “The ambassador has promised me that they would hand this letter over to its addressee. In it we say that a cyber-attack occurred on our website from an IP address registered in Russia and we have qualified this fact as cyber-terrorism and an attack on the Georgian political system,” Guram Chakhvadze said.
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President visits Ozurgeti

The President of Georgia met with locals in the village of Bakhvi, in the Ozurgeti district of the Guria region. Mikheil Saakashvili met with the crowd in the center of the village and listened to their problems. The president introduced the details of the government’s social programs and its priorities, which are mostly focused on the improvement of Georgia’s insurance programs, 1,000 GEL social vouchers and increased pensions, which will be issued to the pensioners beginning in September 2012. After the visit to this village, Mikheil Saakashvili and Minister of Regional Development, Ramaz Nikolaishvili, traveled to Ureki resort to observe the ongoing work along the beach.
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Georgian Dream coalition holds protest event in front of Prosecutor’s Office

The Youth organization of the Georgian Dream coalition has held a protest event in front of the Prosecutor’s Office. They protested against the seizure of Kakhi Kaladze’s accounts. According to protesters, the government is confronting free people. “They are using absolutely all mechanisms against free people. We will not put up with this and we will fight for justice,” Tsotne Zurabiani, one of the protesters, said. “Kakhi Kaladze is one of the most successful Georgian footballers and his income should not be held in seizure. The government has committed a crime against him,” another participant of the protest said.

Georgian Dream representatives vow to hold similar events in the future.

Book about Bidzina Ivanishvili presented by author

The Truth, which the Georgian People Should Know– this is the title political expert Giga Liparteliani gave his book, which is dedicated to the life and activities of Georgian billionaire and politician Bidzina Ivanishvili. The author of the book presented his book at the Prime Time Press Club yesterday. In the book, he said that he explains the ties of Bidzina Ivanishvili with criminal bosses in Russia; he also asserts that Ivanishvili was involved in the murder of the crime boss Otar Kvantrishvili in 1994. Giga Liparteliani, who lived and worked in Russia for many years, says the flow of Russian money into Georgian politics should be stopped. He addressed the president and the parliament to adopt a special law, which would control this process.

“The book is based on real facts about the ties of Bidzina Ivanishvili with criminal bosses and about his connection with the assassination of well-known crime boss and bandit Kvantrishvili in 1994,” Liparteliani told reporters.
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