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Does police carry out illegal control on people?

Tuesday, July 31
“Of course. The police control everyone no matter who is they are, from childhood to pensioners. Nothing is hidden from them.”
Mariam, designer, 29

“Well, it is not easy to answer that this is illegal control. I think this is quite normal fact when there are video cameras in the streets, on highways, when they [police] controls phone conversation of suspected people. I think this is because Georgia aims to be a safe country and we have results of police success.”
Nika, student, 19

“I feel very sorry for some of the policemen because they are in a very bad situation. They are obliged to control people, to fulfill some authorities’ orders and those people do not understand how they will be punished when the authorities will change in near future.”
Tsira, housewife, 42

“I do not know what kind of control you mean. I do not think that the police are watching me or control my movement around the city or listen to my phone calls. Generally, the police’s job is to control people, the situation and to defend human rights. I think our police do its job very well.”
Guram, architect, 51

“Certainly they do. The police violate laws on human rights daily. We have a number of examples how they control ordinary people. They know each person, their political attitude, and their daily activities. Their control increases especially during the pre-election campaign to find out who votes for the government and who is in the opposition.”
Irakli, unemployed, 38

“In my childhood, I knew people with a criminal past that used to be taken under the control of police but nowadays it is obvious that ordinary people are being controlled especially for their oppositional minds. This is definitely not the case in democratic countries and proves how artificial our democracy is.”
Erekle, Lawyer, 31

“Even if the police were illegally controlling people it would be impossible to prove in Georgia nowadays because every government structure is in close cooperation and no one would ever admit such things.”
Meri, Teacher, 24

“Of course, it is obvious that our telephone calls, even Facebook messages are being checked. Once I was chatting with an old friend suggesting to meet her before we would arrange a larger rally… but under the word “rally” I only meant meeting more friends nothing else and I saw how that message was blocked and in a few seconds the block sign disappeared. The same is with TV – I know some people who do not subscribe to the Silknet cable operator because they are afraid of being “watched” – sounds ridiculous but who knows.”
Eka, Dentist, 27