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Tuesday, August 7
Georgian immigrants hold support rallies in European countries

As the fourth anniversary of the August War between Russia and Georgia approaches, support rallies for Georgia were held yesterday in several countries in Europe. Representatives of the Georgian Diaspora in Turkey assembled outside the Russian consulate in Istanbul.

The rally participants read a special address in which they called Russia to withdraw its troops from Georgia`s occupied regions of Tskhinvali and Abkhazia.

About 100 people participated in the rally in Istanbul. They unfurled national flags of Georgia and Turkey and were chanting anti-Russian slogans outside the consulate.

Similar rallies were held in Ukraine, Greece and Moldova as well. Georgian immigrants urging for the de-occupation of Georgian territories assembled outside the Russian embassies and consulates in the respective countries. (Rustavi 2)

United National Movement will stop its election campaign for two days on 7-8 August

The United National Movement will halt its election campaign for two-days on August 7 and 8, Mikheil Machavariani, one of the leaders of the ruling party said. According to him, the 7th and 8th of August are days when all of Georgia recalls the heroes that were killed fighting for Georgia’s freedom. Machavariani said that the National Movement is going to respect the heroes who sacrificed their lives for Georgia: “That’s why on August 7-8, we will suspend any kind of election campaigning. We think everybody should respect our heroes on these days,” Machavariani said. According to him, the National Movement encourages all opposition parties to do the same. “All should have a common opinion regarding Georgia’s territorial integrity and freedom,” Machavariani said. (IPN)

Ministry of Internal Affairs releases statement regarding death of Sergeant Zaza Kapanadze

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has released a statement regarding the death of Sergeant Zaza Kapanadze. “The border police officer, Sergeant Zaza Kapanadze, died at the age of 31. He felt ill during the line of duty as a result of which he was transferred to the hospital. According to preliminary information received from medics, his death was caused by heart failure. The Ministry of Internal Affairs would like to express its regret regarding the above-mentioned fact and offers its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased,” the statement says. (IPN)

National Bureau of Enforcement releases statement regarding Ltd. Burji case

The National Bureau of Enforcement has released a statement regarding the Burji Ltd. case.

The e-auction regarding Burji Ltd.’s property was concluded on August 2. A winner was revealed and the latter bought the property for 8.7 million GEL. According to the Georgia’s Law on Enforcement Proceedings, the winner has to make the full payment within 10 days. Only after payment, does the winner become owner of the property. Accordingly, a buyer should be delivered the property in a liberated mode. Considering all of the above mentioned, NBE will conduct preparation work with the goal of delivering the property to its new owner.

Ltd. Burji has been charged just over 11 million GEL on the basis of the enforcement writs #4/2756-12 and 4/2751-12 issued by Tbilisi City Court. The company has also been charged a 771, 267 GEL enforcement fee. To ensure the enforcement of the writs, the property of Burji Ltd. was put up for e-auction. Though the original value of the property was 5.1 million GEL, it was sold for 8.7 million GEL. With the purpose of making the enforcement process more transparent, NBE will provide the Georgian public with further information about the ongoing enforcement proceedings, the statement says. (IPN)

Christian-Democrats to name majoritarian candidates on 14 August

Christian-Democrats will name majoritarian candidates on August 14, Giorgi Targamadze, leader of the Christian-Democratic Movement, told InterpressNews. “We have already achieved a consensus regarding the candidates. As for this official presentation, we are planning to name them by August 14,” Targamadze said. Georgia’s parliamentary elections will be held on October 1 of this year. (IPN)

Christian-Democratic Movement leaders meet with representatives of China’s Communist Party

Christian-Democratic Movement leaders have met with representatives of China’s Communist Party.

The Chinese ruling party expressed a desire for the meeting, Giorgi Targamadze told journalists.

“This is a leading political party in China. We are grateful to China, as it is strictly protecting border non-violation principles, including the territorial integrity of Georgia. In addition, the potential within the economic area is very important for us,” Targamadze said. (IPN)