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Which political entity will you vote for in the parliamentary elections?

Tuesday, August 7
“I have not decided yet. I am intensively watching the election campaign of the political parties and will make my decision on the elections day.”
Kakha, economist, 54

“Long live the National Movement! I am voting for the ruling party since the Rose Revolution. They really deserve to be in power for next years as well.”
Natia, Sales Manager, 30

“I am debating whether to vote at the elections or not. I do not know because I do not trust any of the parties. Sometimes I like Targamadze and his team of Christian Democrats, but I am not sure.”
Vako, student, 19

“Do you really need an answer??? Me, my friends, my family and– I am sure all of Georgia are voting for Georgian Dream.”
Giorgi, Reporter, 24

“I have not decided it yet. I am still observing them all.”
Salome, MA Student, 21

“I am not going to vote.”
Giorgi, IT Specialist, 24

“I am going to vote for the ruling United National Movement.”
Albert, Sociologist, 37

“As a great dreamer I will definitely support the Georgian Dream and fulfill my dreams.”
Tornike, Economist, 22

“I think it is high time to end the current leadership and open the doors to fresh, patriotic ideas. I think Bidzina Ivanishvili has done a lot of things for his country even in times when he was in the shadows. So, I am deeply sure he will not make anything against his country as its leader. So I am for the Georgian Dream!”
Elene, Musician, 25