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Mikheil Saakashvili meets with the population of Chkorotsku

Wednesday, August 8
The President of Georgia met and addressed the Chkorotsku population. Mikheil Saakashvili focused attention on the priority of social projects which will begin functioning in September. During his address, the Head of State spoke about the importance of the new infrastructural projects which will assist in creating jobs for local residents in several regions.

“Every person in Georgia will be insured and every person must have guaranteed healthcare and support of from the state. We are creating an employment program and many people are interested in what it means. For example, we began building two new resorts in Adjara. We are opening a new boulevard and an aqua park in Anaklia. All of this is first of all being done for us, people who live around these resorts, not foreigners. This is being done for the people, who need assistance mostly in terms of doing business, giving their children the best education, and guaranteeing the creation of a good future for them. Today, the people financed by our opponent have stepped up in the arena with a long list of demolition objects. They want to interfere with us while we are constructing these objects. I want to tell everyone including you: we have nothing that needs demolishing in Georgia, but we still have a lot to build. We will continue development and Georgia will become one of the most successful, rich, and firm standing countries. We will definitely advance and nobody will be able to return us to the past,” Saakashvili stated.

Additionally, the president focused attention on increasing pensions and noted that soon, pensioners will receive a $100 pension package.

“During the previous election campaign I said that we would increase pensions to $100. I will finish my second term as President with people definitely having this pension package despite the world economic crisis and the war in 2008,” noted Saakashvili.

Mikheil Saakashvili also visited a church under construction with the Bishop of Senaki and Ckhorotsku Region. The president recalled the promise given to Bishop Shio and noted that the new church will be built.

“I promised Bishop Shio in the past and I repeat once again today that we will build a church in Chkorotsku and open it together. Georgia will keep advancing and developing. The government of Georgia has never been this strong and it is strong because of your support. We are together, there are a lot of us; we are very talented, full of optimism and integrity and we will definitely win,” he said.