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Do you believe the 2012 parliamentary elections will be as fair and transparent as Saakashvili promised?

Friday, September 7
"I do not believe anything Saakashvili says, and the elections are illegitimate in the first place, so no one has any interest in them being clean"
Slava, 50, consultant

To tell the truth I really don't know what will happen in the 2012 parliamentary elections but I hope that our Central Election Commission will handle it somehow.
Rezo, Manager, 22

Fair and transparent elections are not held only on the voting day. It is the whole process. It is practically unimaginable to hold fair elections in this unfair election environment. Transparent elections which are being promised by the President are a tragicomedy and nothing more, unfortunately.
Gela, Journalist, 35

It is hard to say at this moment. I'm not completely sure but I believe it will.
Mariam, TV Producer, 36

I do not believe that the Government will ensure free elections in the country. They are just making empty promises in an attempt to influence voters. Thus, I dont expect any kind of goodwill from the government."
Tekla, Entrant, 17

I don't believe in words I want to see the results! As a realist I doubt the fairness and transparency promised by our president but I just hope that Georgian society will make informed choices at the parliamentary elections.
Nikoloz, Lawyer, 37

I can only hope in transparency and fairness for this election. I think the ruling party will not have an opportunity to violate the law because of the high number of international observers.
Ilia, Musician, 26