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Where do you talk about politics?

Monday, September 10
“Well, as far as I remember, the last time I spoke on politics was when I was drinking with my friends.”
Shota, Student, 21

“When I am in public I always avoid speaking loudly on my political views. I am just listening to others and neither criticize or praise their attitudes. As for where I talk about my political taste, I can say that only with my relatives or close friends.”
Natia, Language Specialist, 25

“It has turned such an actual issue in our country that it is absolutely possible to talk about politics during an appointment with a girlfriend.”
Nika, Tourism manager, 26

“To tell you the truth, I do not speak about politics in public. In general I prefer to express my opinion with my close friends and parents.”
Madona, employed, 25

“Mostly, I talk about politics in the office at work.”
Ana, Interpreter, 24

“I try never talk about politics as to not to be associated with any political party, but still sometimes I discuss the recent state political decisions at home with my family.”
Salome, Musician, 29

“Well, when I have to I talk: in the family, on the Internet, no matter where I am, if it is the talking issue I express my attitude. However recently I avoid quarrelling on the issue.”
Ani, Journalist, 35

“Mostly I talk about politics at home. In case if it is the talking issue, otherwise I do not.”
Keti, Teacher, 24