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Ivanishvili slam current regime, lays out his plans for Kakheti

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, September 11
Georgian Dream coalition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili held a meeting in Telavi on September 9. The continued assistance to Kakheti residents in the agricultural sector and the coalition’s post election priorities were the topical issues of the meeting.

Ivanishvili promised to help all residents who suffered damage due to the hailstorm in the region nearly two months ago. The coalition leader emphasized that 80 million GEL has been transferred into the state budget, but that the money is being spent inappropriately.

“This money is being used on all kinds of construction projects throughout Georgia. The authorities are trying to show as if they are building all of Georgia, but in reality, all those actions are superficial. As soon as we come to power I promise that adequate compensation will be allocated and we will also provide the best agricultural techniques for you,” Ivanishvili told Kakheti residents.

Ivanishvili explained that a special international conference will be held in Tbilisi on September 12-14. The conference will be attended by representatives from the two biggest universities from the state of Indiana in the United States. The establishment of technical universities and professional colleges, providing the country with modern agro techniques and seeding materials will be discussed at the conference.

Part of the meeting was dedicated to the criticism of the current government. According to Ivanishvili, the government has appropriated all the positive contributions he has made and currently the government is trying to sell those charitable actions to the public as their own.

“I have always been engaged in helping my country and I have provided much in this way. Now the government states that they are the builder and I am the one destroying it,” Ivanishvili said, adding that everyone will answer if they dare to take part in elections’ falsification process. Ivanishvili however stated that no one will be punished if they vote for the National Movement in the elections.

The coalition leader also emphasized that the United National Movement is bribing the voters and deliver money to them. “I appeal to all Georgians not to take the money and don’t sell your dignity on small changes,” Ivanishvili said.

The aspirations of the coalition are not shared by all the opposition parties. According to the leader of opposition National-Democrats, Bachuki Kardava, national security is the country’s major problem and that is why his party has emphasized this point in their election program.

“Unfortunately the number of parties that are still trying to gain the Kremlin's support has increased in Georgia. Our aim is to reduce the number of such parties’ rating in Georgia, as the country should be a part of Western civilization,” Kardava said.

Kardava did not name a specific political party but many believe he is referring to the Georgian Dream in the statement.

The same can be attributed to President Saakashvili, as he often avoids openly mentioning Ivanishvili’s name when he speaks about pro-Russian forces within the country.

“There are forces in the state that are trying to discredit [our] Georgian democracy and they are spending hundreds of millions for this aim. The main targets of the force are to not recognize the election results and to create problems in the country. We are not going to give the country to mummies,” President Saakasvili stated.