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Armenia at the cross roads

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, September 12
Armenia’s interest in joining European structures contradicts the goals of the country to achieve a free-trade agreement within the CIS space. On the one side Armenia is trying to improve its economic cooperation with European countries, but on the other side, it is trying to do same with its strategic partner Russia and other CIS countries. Some MPs are concerned that free trade with CIS countries might create barriers for the country to improve its economic relations with the EU system. Armenia’s PM Tigran Sargsyan, thinks that his country’s economic cooperation with CIS countries does not contradict its commitments to the WTO and does not hinder Armenia's Euro-integration process. However, some political figures challenge this confidence and demand that government bodies bring more convincing arguments– why should Armenia join the CIS free-trade zone which eventually could hinder the country’s integration into the EU system?