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Do people in Georgia live a healthy lifestyle?

Wednesday, September 12
“The Georgian lifestyle is not healthy and this is obvious. If we look at the Georgian “Supra,” we will see that there are lots of fatty foods. Long lasting drinking is also typical for Georgians. A very small number of Georgians are engaged in sporting activities, which is also an indicator of an unhealthy lifestyle.”
Mariam, Entrant, 18

“In general I feel that our lifestyle is quite healthy. This is one thing I can say concerning the issue.”
Ani, Teacher, 24

"It is very simple to answer this question– Georgians can't have a healthy lifestyle because we are naturally lazy. We eat, drink, rest, then again eat, drink, rest... and work sometimes.”
Nino, Facilitator, 24

“I think the lifestyle of Georgians is mostly immobile.”
Nutsa, Coordinator, 27

“No, I don't think so, because with lots of khinkali, mtsvadi etc., it is impossible to keep a healthy lifestyle. Besides that, only a few people do exercise and if they do, only for losing weight and not for being healthy. Besides, a lot of Georgians smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and so on.”
Irina, Reporter, 26

“We do not have a healthy lifestyle, as drinking much alcohol is not nice for our health. In this case I mean males of course.”
Davit, Student, 19

“No, I don’t think so. We drink too much and also smoke.”
Erekle, Economist, 34

“We do not have a healthy lifestyle. In general Georgians are mainly focused on how to feed their family and completely forgets their personal health.”
Mzia, Teacher, 50