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The battle continues

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, September 26
Some time ago, UNM high-ranking officials stated that they had evidence and documents revealing some important facts. Just about a week before the elections, the MIA aired some materials revealing persons discussing money deals for certain activities targeted at undermining UNM positions. These steps, as some analysts suggest, are taken by the ruling power to take focus off the scandalous information disseminated in the Georgian media recently showing horrible scenes and ill treatment of the inmates in Georgian prisons. However, the Georgian Dream claims that all materials against it are fabricated, when the films made in prisons were genuine. Observers predict that in the remaining five-six days, new video materials will be revealed by both sides.

Unfortunately, these kinds of tactics have become a tool to secure victory in the elections. The ruling power continuously repeats its accusations of the opposition Georgian Dream in fulfilling Moscow's subversive bidding, whereas as the National Movement claims the scandalous scenes from the prisons had been planned to be revealed just a couple of days before the elections. Analysts are questioning who are these materials targeted at? The polling showed that just about 25% of the people participating in the polling process answered that they did not make up their minds for whom to vote. So far, the situation is developing in favor of the Georgian Dream. For the first time in several years, students are actively involved in the protest actions, but only in the capital. In some cities, including politically quiet Kutaisi, there have been fewer people protesting. So, probably this method of shock PR is targeted to the undecided voting population and to help push them in one direction or another. So far, the prisons scandal had been much stronger than the accusations coming from the ruling power, and the intrigue for the elections is reaching its peak just five days before the elections.