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Do you think elections will be held in fair and transparent way?

Wednesday, September 26
I am sure that the current government will do its best to declare itself the winner, they will try this anyway. However, I hope that there will be so many voters and such a significant difference between the two political forces that the government will not achieve its goal.
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

If we take those events which are ongoing at the Central Elections Commission into consideration we can be sure that the government does not wish to hold free and transparent elections.
Lia, Economist, 44

I do not know what to say, it is difficult to forecast now I hope that the elections will be held in a normal environment.
Levan,Student, 20

I think that the elections will be held in more or less fair and transparent environment.
Nino, Journalist, 26

How can they be transparent when media does not have the right to monitor and take video or photos on the elections day. I did not expect that the CECs decision would be supported by the opposition. Everything is clear now. The government does not want to have extra problems and they want to hide violations and rigging facts.
Tekle, student, 21

Holding Fair and transparent elections seems to be impossible in this country. We always used to have problems with election fraud. The current government is not going to give away their power.
Ana, designer, 28

Really hope for fair elections, we should finally have the right to make our own choice, but the results will be difficult to forecast.
David, pensioner, 68

I wish the parliamentary elections were held in a fair and transparent way but I doubt that it is possible especially now as the media has been deprived of its right to freely cover the Election Day.
Tornike, Driver, 39

I think the ruling party has suffered a lot during the last several days after the scandalous video footage about the prison abuse was released. They had stopped their election campaign for some time but still continued campaigning in regions. In this way the UNM refused to carry the full responsibility on the processes going on in the country and I am afraid they will do everything to falsify elections and the CEC unfortunately seems to be on their side.
Maka, Interpreter, 41