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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Wednesday, October 3
Situation in banks

24 hours reports that according to National Bank official data, the bank’s net profit in eight months of this year was 114 million GEL. It is less nearly 70 million from the same period of last year. Some experts said several reasons about the decline of earnings. The pre-election campaign has also played a serious role in the decreasing profits. The Economic Problems Research Center said that the change of the state of the banking sector and other complications was due to changes in the legislation by the National Bank. They also said that the risks and economic activities are hindered; consequently, banks have not been able to mobilize funds. According to the analysts, the same result is not in regards of Cartu Bank which has seen solid results.

New Parliament will gather in Kutaisi

Saakashvili insisted on building a new parliament in Kutaisi and now the Kutaisi parliament is ready to welcome newly elected MPs in western Georgia, Rezonansi writes. It is noteworthy that almost all opposition parties were against moving parliament to Kutaisi and claimed that if they come to power, the parliament would function in the capital.

As for the parliament building in Tbilisi, the situation is frustrating there. All the furniture and attributes have been taken away and the building is empty. Ivanishvili himself was one of the initiator to move parliament back to Tbilisi. However, he has changed his mind after winning in the elections.

“It does not matter where the parliament will be. We will gather in Kutaisi and then ask people what they prefer,” Ivanishvili stated.

Overall, the coalition leader positively assesses Monday’s parliamentary elections and said that ruling of the state is difficult but everything is ahead.