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What are your expectations after the elections are over? What will be changed in Georgia?

Wednesday, October 3
“I think Georgians will finally have the opportunity to live in free and fair country with the supremacy of law and respect of personal dignity.”
Lali, Doctor, 41

“I welcomed Bidzina Ivanishvili’s coalition from the very first days of his entrance to politics and I am sure he will fulfill the dreams he has awoken in our hearts and souls and Georgia will be the real democracy with human values.”
Elene, Law Student, 21

“This election was important test for our country in terms of proving its real European values and I think Georgian people have managed to pass this test in a very deserving way. I hope tomorrow will be better than yesterday and Georgia become a real democracy.”
Akaki, Writer, 36

“I have a lot of expectations. Firstly I want new parliament to adopt the legislations which will be acceptable for the Georgian society. I do not want parliament which does not care to the criticism, which does not pay attention to the key problems in the country, I do not want the parliament which confirms the ministers like Kalmakhelidze, Akhalaia, Rurua. I expect them to act according to the people’s interest.”
Neli, accountant, 46

“Well, I am waiting when the ministers’ cabinet will be resigned and new ministers will occupy their posts. I am pretty sure that those unfair and injustice will be gone out from the country and we will live in peaceful environment. I welcome UNM to be in opposition and I think that every democratic state should have a strong opposition and not the opposition like we had before Ivanishvili’s appearance.”
Diana, housewife, 38

“We have voted for the Georgian Dream not because we want them to continue UNM’s policy but we want to live in the country where state structures will be open and we will be able to have access in free court, access of free media. I am sure new parliament will think about illegally detained people and terrible conditions in the penitentiary systems and they will take adequate measures. So far I trust them.”
Misha, student, 20

“Well, the results for me were a little bit surprising. I thought that percentage would be the same, but didn't expect that dreamers would win; the main change - government in opposition - weird, but interesting. Think we have to work hard to build up a strong civil society, to control the ruling party.”
Revaz, Manager, 22

“Well, I do not wait for some crucial changes until the presidential elections. I think that Georgian Dread will not carry out some vital changes till the period, after the presidential elections many things will be changed.”
Lasha, Musician, 30

“I hope that there will be positive changes in the country. I have wish that the country will not be as politicized as it is now. I hope that there will be impartial court system and small and middle businesses will be encouraged.”
Shota, Student, 21