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Wednesday, October 10
National Movement to be Represented in new Parliament

The United National Movement will have two vice speakers at the vice speaker’s office of the new parliament, according to the regulation of parliament. There are three places for the opposition in the office of the vice speaker. The faction created by the election subjects that passed the election barrier and are not united in the opposition can present one, but not more than 3 candidates for Vice Speaker. The opposition has the right to present each deputy of committee chairperson for all parliamentary committees. National Movement alleges that they have not decided on the candidates yet. InterPressNews was told by one of the most experienced Vice Speakers Gigi Tsereteli that consultations have not been held yet. Tsereteli underscored that parliament took steps to strengthen the opposition and minority being represented in all positions. Petre Tsiskarishvili confirms that the decision on who will be named as Vice Speaker and who’ll be presented in the committees are not known yet. Tsiskarishvili says it is not known who will be the minority leader. (IPN)

Iran Congratulates Georgian Dream on its Victory

The Islamic Republic of Iran congratulated the Georgian Dream coalition on its victory in the elections. The embassy of Iran in Georgia informs that the statement was made by the spokesperson of the Foreign Minister of Iran, Ramin Memanfaras, who congratulated the Georgian Dream, the Georgian population and the government, on conducting free parliamentary election.“On the basis of the historical and cultural ties and interests of the two countries, we believe the processes of developing bilateral friendly relations will continue,” Ramin Mehmanfaras stated. (IPN)

Zurab Zhvania’s uninvestigated facts will be studied

The uninvestigated details of Zurab Zhvania’s death will be studied, Archil Kbilashvili, a candidate for chief prosecutor, said on Maestro TV. According to him, certain cases that have been since put on the shelves should be studied objectively and attentively."These are cases that cause concern in society. Among them are the uninvestigated details of Zurab Zhvania’s death. Society also has questions with regard to the murders of Buta Robakidze and Sandro Girgvliani and these questions should be answered," Kbilashvili said. (IPN)

People`s Assembly calls on new government to release political prisoners

The Political Union of the People's Council calls on the new government to make a decision on beginning the process of releasing political prisoners after assuming power. Irakli Batiashvili of the union introduced the statement to the media at the briefing, where the relatives of the prisoners were also attending. Batiashvili said forty members of the People's Assembly were in prisons currently. "The People`s Assembly is looking forward to the decisions of the newly elected parliament and the future government for the release of political and illegal prisoners in the shortest period of time and the process of rehabilitation of fugitive politicians. The illegally punished, their families and all of Georgian society are also waiting for this process. We think that this will be one of the most important steps towards the end of Saakashvili's violent regime," Irakli Batiashvili said. (Rustavi 2)

Foreign Minister visits several European states

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has paid official visits to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Vashadze met with his European counterparts and discussed a wide spectrum of bilateral relations. The main topic of discussion at those meetings was the parliamentary elections held in Georgia on October 1. The diplomats from the three European states hailed Georgian democracy. Vashadze emphasized that at the starting phase of the work of the new government in Georgia, the support and cooperation of the European authorities with the new cabinet would be very important. Grigol Vashadze will continue his European tour by visits to the Baltic States, Germany and Great Britain. (Rustavi 2)

Gulf gas station robbed

A Gulf gas station was robbed on Kakheti highway early on Tuesday morning. Reportedly, two masked men assaulted the manager of the station and forced him to open the safe, from where they took 4,500 GEL. The manager says that the two hit him with a gun in his face and ran away. However, he managed to call for police, who arrived at the station in a few minutes. He also said only one of the robbers had a gun, the other was holding a knife.

Police have filed a criminal case on the incident. The investigation is in progress. (Rustavi 2)