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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Wednesday, October 10
What do people expect from minister’s cabinet?

Georgian Dream Coalition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili presented his new cabinet’s members to the public. Some of those candidates are already well known faces within society, some of them are newcomers. Rezonansi asked public representatives their thoughts on his appointments.

Soso Tsiskarishvili, political analyst: “It is very hard to welcome all the candidates written by one or two leaders. Actually, I have no negative attitude towards the new candidates. I see that they are chosen by their dignity. However, I should note that some of the future ministers do not have enough experience, although I do not think it is their weakness. Mainly, future candidates like Kakha Kaladze (former footballer and future minister of regional development); Guram Odisharia (poet and future minister of culture); and Irakli Garibashvili [future minister of Interior].”

Tsiskarishvili says that despite their lack of experience they are trusted figures among the society.

Jansug Charkviani, Poet: “I should admit I liked presented candidates. I have compared them with the current ministers and I have found a big difference. The future ministers' cabinet is made up with interesting, intelligent people. I know them all and I expect everything good from them.”

David Usupashvili: changing of constitution is inevitable

Future chair of the parliament Republican Davaid Usupashvili said in his recent interview that the changing of the current constitution is inevitable, Rezonansi reports. Usupashvili finds the constitution as not competent and adds that it would be hard for the new parliament to act according to this constitution. According to Usupashvili, the constitution should help society and the country to overcome a crisis situation, but the current constitution creates a lot of obstacles to this.

“The transitional period is very sensitive and the current government members need to discuss and agree on certain issues, we foresee two conditions: firstly, we know that the authorities are in the hands of the current power so far and second, we take into account the current constitution. E.g: according to the current constitution, President Saakashvili has the right not to consider people's support to the Georgian Dream and can dismiss the parliament. If they [authorities] say that they will not interfere in compiling new government members, it should not be their good will but it should be written in the constitution.