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Do you think the Georgia Dream and the United National Movement manage to collaborate?

Wednesday, October 10
“I think that it will not be difficult for both sides to collaborate. It is in the interest of us as well as maintaining peace inside the country.”
Ani, Teacher, 23

“In the case that the coalition representatives are involved in corruption, the sides will manage to collaborate. In general, I consider that greatest number who will be in the parliament from the National movement should be arrested as they have committed crimes.”
Avtandil, Economist, 28

“They will try to collaborate I think... However, I consider that this is not real collaboration. In my mind, the National Movement will try to get back the power in 6 months. They are waiting for the coalition to not manage to fulfill its promises and currently they have the masks of collaborators, in reality they are waiting for the collapse of the GD.”
Eka, Dentist, 25

"I can hardly imagine how those confrontation sides can collaborate and work together. But the fact is that the GD does not have a constitutional majority in the parliament and they will need the National Movement's support to make any amendments in that direction. I wish they will agree on certain issues which will be crucial for the country."
Natalia, manager, 29

"I am sure they will find a common language. It is not so easy at this stage, but they will be used to each others' opinions later. They should do it for the sake of their people and the country. Otherwise, people will protest it and demand snap elections. I have no doubt that the Georgian people have enough strength to do it without any obstacles."
Zura, student, 18

"I have no idea. I think the National Movement MPs will do their best to confront the GD MPs. I am sure there will be strong opposition in the parliament and they will try to attract voters and gain more support of the people. They will have hot debates and in that condition I cannot imagine how they will collaborate."
Khatuna, housewife, 51

“Both parties can collaborate; it is quite possible if they show their willingness to do so”
Ani, Manager, 34