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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Friday, October 12
How acceptable are old faces in the new government?

Georgian Dream will employ people in high office who worked in the Shevardnadze Administration. Coalition leaders responded that individuals should be selected on their education and experience, not only on their political orientation.

"How acceptable is this for Georgian society?" Rezonansi asked various public figures:

Yuri Mechitov, photographer: “For me the most important thing is a person having enough experience and intelligence. We should not label the old government’s staff as guilty.”

Nanuli Sarajishvili, actress: “This is very unserious because Shevardnadze’s former allies are in the outgoing government as well. There are a number of politicians who were Shevardnadze supporters before Saakashvili came to power. So this is not a serious issue to be discussed. The key priorities while selecting candidates are their professional skills and personalities.”

Did Adeishvili escape?

Minister of Justice Zurab Adeishvili has disappeared after the parliamentary elections, according to Akhali Taoba. As part of the process of transitioning power, outgoing ministers from the current government are meeting with incoming ministers from the government-elect. However Justice Minister Adeishvili is not in the country. According to his deputy Tina Burjaliani he is on vacation abroad.

Incoming Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani recently met with Burjaliani where they discussed formal issues. Among the topics discussed was Adeishvili's whereabouts and Burjaliani has reiterated that Adeishvili is on vacation.

“I have no more questions regarding Adeishvili. It is unclear when he is back to Georgia,” Tsulukiani told the media. Before the meeting Tsulukiani had commented that Adeishvili escaped to Austria.