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What do you think about the possible establishment of unemployment benefits in Georgia?

Friday, October 12
“This is a great idea! I welcome the initiative and I think that unemployed people will have a certain income. On the other hand I want to know how the new leadership is going to gather such a huge amount of money to allocate compensations to each unemployed person in the country. We have a great number of unemployed people.”
Otar, musician, 28

“Well, I think that creating jobs would be better, it would be better for Georgians. We are a strange people, we like when we live on others' expense and giving unemployment benefits might be a reason for many to sit at home and spend time entertaining themselves.”
Mariam, Student, 17

“I cannot understand how they will define people who should receive unemployment benefits. I'm against giving compensation to those guys who spend their whole day in the street and do not even try to find a job. It would be much better to employ those people and they will have their own income. As for people who are not eligible to work due to certain reasons and are on the poverty line their social assistance should be increased. They should receive enough money that will guarantee that at least they won't be hungry.”
Keti, dentist, 35

“I think that it's a bit of a dangerous decision as Georgians are lazy and for some people this might be a means for not doing anything. I demand the creation of jobs and not unemployment benefits as jobs are the most essential.”
Bachana, IT specialist, 22

“I think that it will be a really good decision. For some period a man won't be desperate that he won't have bread at home...It is a great relief if someone is left without a job and needs time to search for something new.”
Nana, Student, 21

“This is very vague news so far. I cannot make any comment either positive or negative. It has advantages and disadvantages but I will wait for an official explanation how they will help those people, how much the government will pay or what kind of categories of people will get this compensation. After all that everything will be clearer.”
David, lawyer, 37