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Prospects of Georgian tea industry

By Messenger Staff
Monday, October 16
It is known very well that during Soviet times, Georgia was providing about 90% of the tea production throughout the Soviet Union. Georgia also exported quite a bit of tea abroad as well.

Sadly enough, since regaining independence, this very successful segment of the Georgian agricultural industry has began to deteriorate. Even on the local market, Georgia hardly satisfies 10% of tea consumption. Currently, there are around 20 tea processing factories in Georgia and some of that does go to export. In 2010, Georgia was exporting its tea to 22 countries. These countries included Ukraine, Germany, Turkmenistan and others. Meanwhile, the country imports tea from Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Iran and other countries. With the state's support it is possible to revive the industry which will on the one side, create jobs within the agricultural sector, and on the other, will satisfy the local demand for tea and increase export facilities.