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Georgian Dream: the threat of the “moral inquisitor”

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, October 16
Both the Georgian Dream coalition and the United National Movement face a threat, says representative of the coalition and candidate for the post of Parliament Speaker, Davit Usupashvili, on October 15.

According to Usupasvili, after the parliamentary elections, the main political players are endangered. For the winning coalition, the threat concerns acting as a “moralist inquisitor.”

“Much has been spoiled and stolen by the UNM and some of us may be tempted to take revenge,” Usupashvili stated, adding that the coalition should not let such a scenario happen or allow an impartial court decide such issues.

Usupashvili also emphasized that the criminal officials should not be left without adequate punishment.

“If the criminals are not judged appropriately, Georgians will feel that their efforts regarding the elections were useless,” Usupashvili said.

Usupashvili underscored that in the case that adequate punishment is delivered, the UNM should not display itself as a “tortured democracy,” especially when lots of things, including the elections, revealed that the former government’s actions veered far from democratic values.

“Both political parties should manage to distinguish the authority from the political parties. This is the most problematic issue and the country headache for 22 years,” Usupashvili stated.

Unlike the current majority, the UNM already believes that they have done much for the democratic development of the country and peaceful handover of the government is also their merit. Representatives of the UNM have emphasized that they are ready to take serious part in the country's future and collaborate with the majority for the country’s participation in the Euro-Atlantic space.

Georgia passed the exam “nearly democratically” EU ambassador in Georgia, Philip Dimitrov stated. Dimitrov emphasized that Georgia is capable of passing such kinds of exams completely democratically in the future. vThe EU ambassador stated that the EU has always been “exigent” towards Georgia and the level of demands would be raised after the parliamentary elections.

“We believe that Georgia can and wants to become closer to EU structures. Georgia has no reason for pessimism. We have always sent signals that each democratic move of the country would be one more step taken towards the EU. We have launched talks on free trade, visa liberalization and these are not just words…” Dimitrov said

Dimitrov also stated that EU will continue to provide financial assistance to the country and will allocate 670 million euros annually to the budget and for various projects.