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Georgian Dream wins repeat election

By Keti Arjevanidze
Tuesday, October 16
In 11 precincts within the majoritarian system, the 2012 Georgian parliamentary repeat elections concluded on October 14 at 8p.m. The repeat elections in the Gori, Khashuri, and Sighnaghi precincts were conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

According to the Khashuri constituency, Georgian Dream candidate, Valeri Gelashvili, was supported by 57.5 percent of voters; UNM candidate Sergo Kitiahsvili received 33.6 percent of the votes.

A repeat election was also held in Gori, where the Georgian Dream candidate took home with 47.4 percent of the votes. UNM candidate, Giorgi Tatishvili, who is also the ex-governor of the Shida Kartli region, received 46.1 percent of the votes.

In the repeat elections held in Sighnaghi, UNM candidate Levan Bezhashvili was beaten by Georgian Dream candidate Gela Gelashvili, who collected 49.0 percent of votes, while Bezhashvili received 47 percent of votes.

According to the results of the repeat elections, the Georgian Dream won a total of 41 majoritarian seats out of 73. The other 32 constituencies were won by UNM candidates.

The UNM will have 65 seats in the new Parliament.

According to the information of the CEC, the precincts were closed at 20:00 in the evening, and the activity of three of the 11 precincts’ repeat majoritarian election comprised 32,9 percent of voters.

Repeat voting became necessary because of violations which were registered by observers in these constituencies on October 1 on the day of Georgian Parliamentary elections.