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Miners strike in Chiatura

By Keti Arjevanidze
Tuesday, October 16
Miners in Chiatura went on strike on October 15. About 3, 500 workers demanded the improvement of working conditions and the raising of salaries. The miners broke into the administration building, but they left the building when the meeting with Georgian Manganese’s director was appointed.

MP candidate in Chiatura, Malkhaz Tsereteli, said that all miners in the town went on strike. Tsereteli added that, the miners are working in very hard conditions, “today they work as if they were living in the 19th century. That is why their demand is also connected with attaining new equipment," said Tsereteli.

The local guidance of Georgian Manganese met the miners, but he did not give make any promises. The protesters state that the answer they were given was not acceptable.

The protesters are waiting for a meeting with the general director of Georgian Manganese; otherwise they threaten to continue their protests.

The protesters claim that the conditions, in which they have to work, are unfeasible and the salary which they are paid is not adequate for their work.

One of the protesters explains that he can hardy support a family with this salary and the life and safety of the miners is at risk– “it is a very risky job”, said the protester.

The protesters also added that the company for which they work is able to satisfy their demands, “it has the ability to raise the salary and the capacity to recover the conditions”.