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Will national movement have chance to come back to power in six months time?

Tuesday, October 16
“There is such a possibility, but the chances are really low. It would require the Georgia Dream to make huge mistakes in order for people to change their position and support the National Movement again. “
Tamta, MA student, 24

“There is a lot of speculation, but I do not think this is possible in such a short period of time. Besides, I am sure the Georgian Dream will begin to fulfill all their elections promises and people will trust them as they do now.”
Alexander, Marketing Manager, 36

“I am pretty sure that they will have a chance to come back to power and I will tell you why. Just two weeks have passed since the elections and I do not see any right decision made by Ivanishvili’s coalition. I do not hide, I voted for GD... so what? They even could not manage to gather and present the ministries for each office. This is ridiculous. Are they going to keep their activities as such?”
Maka, teacher, 41

“Of course theoretically it’s impossible, but there is still very little chance.”
Rusa, reporter, 27

“I think they have no chance to come back. Based on those video materials concerning inmates, as well as some other illegalities which have been revealed, the Georgian people will not give the United National Movement a chance to come back in power…”
Mano, Journalist, 28

“I am sure that the United National Movement will not be back in power in six months. They have committed too many crimes against the country. No matter what they will do, they will have no chance in the country. It is time for them to pack their suitcases and run.”
Tato, Translator, 22

“I do not think so; I do not want the National Movement to come back into Georgian politics as the main political player.”
Irakli, employed, 28

“To tell the truth I do not know, let's observe the situation and make conclusions after…”
Giorgi, Engineer, 32