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Burden of communal expenses

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, October 23
Now that the elections have concluded, the inflation rate appears to have risen in the country. This is because during the elections, a large amount of cash entered the country. The parties spent money on various pre-election activities and this stimulated cash flow– especially due to the ruling power's financing of several social and infrastructural projects. The country’s practice shows that such processes took place after the previous elections. Currently, the price of bread has increased. Analysts say this was due to the increased price on wheat worldwide. But the Georgian government has artificially kept the price down before the elections. The Georgian population, particularly in Tbilisi, complains about the high tariffs of communal services and utilities. The major issue in particular became the fact that the population was forced to pay for garbage removal according to the consumed electricity levels in each household. This was invented by the Tbilisi mayor’s office and resulted in widespread disapproval within the Tbilisi population. This proved to be a very heavy financial burden for many in the capital.