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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, October 23
Imedi will be unbiased

In her interview with Liberali magazine TV Imedi's owner, Ina Gudavadze said that the company must be objective and balanced. She says that if something goes wrong they must account for this. She thinks that it is necessary to establish a supervisory board. “We want to realize this idea. We want to invite such people that everybody would know where we move. It is important that the criteria would be quite high. We also carefully select who will lead the news. It is important to make the right choice.

"Imedi “will create projects that will require financial investment. I consider it as a charity project. I really do not need television for business and for political goals," said Ina Gudavadze.

Apparently, my elder daughter, Lika will be the head of holding and her deputy will be Rezo Sakevarishvili. He is has already been informed about the situation in television. Many people recommended him as a good professional,” Gudavadze says.

Should Georgian troops stay in Afghanistan?

A few days ago, defense minister to be, Irakli Alasania, made a statement about the ISAF Afghanistan mission where large contingents of Georgian troops are located. Alasania said that Georgia's military withdrawal will begin in 2014. Rezonansi asked public figures whether they agree to withdraw Georgian servicemen from the Afghanistan peace operation.

Misha Tavkhelidze, analyst: Georgia is ready to make a contribution to the world’s safety and of course serving in such a mission is a huge experience for Georgian troops. At the same time, we get to show to the world our NATO aspirations are not only a statement, but Georgia really strives to join to the alliance. Accordingly, I think that the Georgian military should stay in Afghanistan as long as it is needed. We have promised NATO that our country will help them in these operations.”

Marina Janashia, actress: I have just heard that our servicemen will stay there until 2014 and I am not happy to hear it, because we know how many Georgian soldiers died during this period and I want them to be back in the country. Politicians keep repeating that this mission is important for our country, but as a mother, I want our children to return in their home country.”

Nukri Kantaria, MP: I think the mission should continue, but I do not think such a large contingent should be represented in the mission from Georgia. Georgian leadership should study and realize this issue.