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Do you think Georgian parliament should be back to Tbilisi?

Tuesday, October 23
"Yes definitely. It should be here. It’s our cultural and historical building – its place is here and not in Kutaisi, because the capital is in Tbilisi and not Kutaisi. And one more thing, if our Government wants to build something new in Kutaisi they can do lots of things."
Nino, Interpreter, 24

“I think that the parliament should be in Kutaisi. I consider that standing parliament there will promote much for the further advancement and development of that city.”
Saba, Student, 18

“Yes, I do think that the parliament should be taken back in the capital of the country. Parliament should stand and function in Tbilisi.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“I think it was very unreasonable to spend so much money on moving the Parliament to Kutaisi, the government should not be decentralized and all major institutions should be located in the capital.”
Nia, Office manager, 32

“Honestly I do like the new parliament building and I do not mind in which city the sessions will be held, as long as our MPs do their job!”
Saba, Photographer, 35 “It will be better to leave the parliament is Kutaisi. The government has spent millions on the construction of the new building, so I think it is better to leave it there.”
David, Driver, 56

“I think that the parliament should definitely be in the capital of the country.”
Tamuna, Journalist, 27